Marx Reloaded DVD
(Universities and Schools Edition)

Featuring: Slavoj Žižek, John Gray, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, Nina Power, Jacques Rancière, Peter Sloterdijk, Alberto Toscano.

Director: Jason Barker

Format: PAL 16:9. Language: English

Subtitles: English, Spanish, Serbian

Regions: All. Number of discs: 2

Audio: Stereo. Classification: Unclassified

Studio: Medea Film - Irene Höfer; Films Noirs

DVD release date: 3 December 2012

Feature running time: 52 min.

Total running time: 102 min. approx.

ISBN: 978-0-9574388-0-4

Standard rights package: 105.99 GB pounds (excl. postage)

Multiple rights package: 199.99 GB pounds (excl. postage)

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